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Best Medical Canada is pleased to announce the following new white paper on MOSFETs

T. Nara et al. In vivo dosimetry using MOSFET dosimeters in external beam radiation therapy   White Paper, Feb. 2009

As MOSFET dosimetry continues to evolve we are excited to add new publications to our current selection of papers.  Click here to access the new list (PDF).

Best Medical International Purchases Theratronics

In line with the mandate of providing healthcare for everyone, Best Medical’s recent acquisition of Theratronics can further assist the effort to achieve this goal.  The Theratronics’ product lines include external beam therapy and self-contained irradiators.  The addition of these product lines to TeamBest’s range of products will enhance our capability of providing a comprehensive cancer care solution to radiotherapy centers worldwide.  The closing date was on May 31, 2008.

For more information about the acquisition, please read the press release issued by MDS Nordion.

French Version of Dxposure software to be released November 2007

Best Medical Canada is pleased to announce the release of the French version of Dxposure software, the software specifically designed to work with the mobileMOSFET patient dose verification system in a radiology setting.  The product can be used to verify skin dose in interventional and x-ray procedures.  With the increase in diagnostic procedures in today’s busy medical clinic, monitoring the dose accumulated to patients is becoming increasingly more important.
The English version of this software was released in the summer of 2007.  This version is designed for French-speaking communities around the world.

Best Medical International purchases Implant Sciences brachytherapy business and NOMOS’ radiation oncology business
Best Medical International has been in business for 30 years.  It was founded as a brachytherapy company and to this day, despite its broad growth, it remains focussed on brachytherapy.  The purchase of Implant Sciences brachytherapy business was a natural acquisition.
NOMOS joined TeamBest in September 2007.  NOMOS is an innovator and pioneer in IMRT and IGRT technology.  NOMOS, along with the other TeamBest companies, ensures that Best Medical can provide a full range of products and services for any radiotherapy centre.  

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