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Best Medical Canada recently had the privilege of presenting at the 7th National Conference to Defeat Cancer in Montreal.  The topic of our presentation was EVARM: From the Space Station to the Radiotherapy Room.  Please click the following link to read the complete presentation:

EVARM: From the Space Station to the Radiotherapy Room

Products Distributed by Best Medical Canada (for Canada):

Brachytherapy Seeds (Best Medical International)

Radiation Dosimetry & QA (CNMC)

Blood Irradiation Verification (RadTag)

Portable Dosimeter Mobile MOSFET

MOSFET Patient Dose Verification Systems

Simplifying Dosimetry & Minimizing QA Time


VALIDATOR - Blood Irradiator Dosimetry System
The Validator model TN-ID-60 is a stand-alone dosimetry system for measuring and recording absorbed doses in blood irradiators.  This system provides technicians with an important quality assurance tool for medical and research applications.

See Tech Note 9 for more information on the use of the Validator Dosimetry System for QA & Quality Control of Blood Irradiators



Radiotherapy & Oncology (news ad)
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Best Theratronics unveils new radiation technology

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