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Best Medical Canada has been the pioneer of in-vivo dosimetry for radiotherapy, brachytherapy and radiology applications for over 30 years.  BMC MOSFETs (TN-502RD-H) are real-time dose readout dosimeters that connect to a wireless and battery-operated mobileMOSFET reader.  The advanced features of the software allow for dose verification in comparison to target dose, and electronic dose reporting with data transfer to R&V systems.  The hand-held Portable Dosimeter system is intended for cost-effective MOSFET dosimetry and portability during clinical use at uncompromised accuracy.  BMC MOSFETs, based on patented dual MOSFET technology, are the only in-vivo dosimeters with unmatched dosimetric characteristics such as temperature independence, gantry angle, dose rate, energy and good linearity at full dose range.

In addition, we have developed various product accessories providing tools to enhance the quality of treatment delivered by medical professionals.  For example, we provide build-up caps for Dmax measurements and different types of dosimeters tailored towards various applications in radiotherapy.  We have also developed a calibration jig specifically for MOSFET dosimeters which promotes reproducible calibration.

Mobile MOSFET   Portable Dosimeter

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