MOSFET Dosimeters

Best Medical Canada offers three different styles of MOSFET dosimeters as shown in the table below.  With each of these dosimeters there are also options that can be selected.  All of our dosimeters have the same unique features:

  • One calibration factor for all photon & electron modalities in the radiotherapy energy range
  • Isotropic (± 3% or better for 360º)
  • Active region of 0.2 x 0.2 mm
  • Permits pinpoint measurement without patient shielding
  • Dose-rate and temperature independent
  • Unobtrusive in procedures
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Multiple dosimeter capability with one reader

Width of Flex Length of Flex Thickness of Flex Common Use
Standard MOSFET 2.5mm 200mm 0.3mm Dose verification during radiotherapy treatments; beam QA
microMOSFET 1.0mm 375mm 0.3mm Fits down a 6Fr catheter for dose verification during HDR brachytherapy procedures
Linear 5ive Array 1.5mm 460mm 1.3mm Measurement of urethral dose during prostate brachytherapy procedures



High Sensitivity

These dosimeters are made more sensitive to radiation.  Standard dosimeters in standard bias (all readers have two bias settings: std and high) have a nominal sensitivity of 1 mV/cGy.  High sensitivity dosimeters in standard bias have 3 mV/cGy, while high sensitivity dosimeters used in high bias will yield a nominal sensitivity of 9 mV/cGy.


Dosimeters can be reinforced to increase strength and durability.

Radiopaque Marker

A marker can be placed on the end of the dosimeters to make them visible during imaging (e.g. CT).

For more information, please see technical note #7 and the linear 5ive array datasheet (PDF).