Linear 5ive ArrayLinear 5ive MOSFET Array

5 dosimeters on 1 flex

Best Medical Canada's Linear 5ive MOSFET Array (TN-252LA5, TN-502LA5, and TN-1002LA5) for Radiotherapy applications is ideal for LDR/HDR Brachytherapy and IMRT QA.  It is compatible with the current mobileMOSFET patient dose verification system as well as with the discontinued AutoSense dose verification system.  The array contains five isotropic, energy independent MOSFET dosimeters, at 2cm intervals.  The MOSFETs on the array can be read simultaneously, facilitating multiple dose measurements at several spatial points.  The radio-opaque marker, located at the tip of the array, enables visualization under X-ray imaging (CT, Fluoroscopy), allowing for 5 dosimetry points to be accurately located and easily compared to target doses.

  • Suitable for in-vivo dosimetry (IMRT, Brachytherapy etc.) and Beam QA (IMRT)
  • Use for both electron and photon modalities
  • Isotropic response for 360° gantry angles
  • Dose rate and energy independent
  • Visible under CT or Fluoroscopy imaging
  • Waterproof, resistant to body fluids and liquid sterilization
  • Small size, lightweight, flexible, and rugged for extensive handling


The isotropic Linear 5ive Array, with excellent reproducibility and linearity, is the tool of choice for a variety of radiotherapy applications such as in-vivo dosimetry and Beam Quality Assurance.

LDR Implant/ HDR Brachytherapy

The array can be used effectively for direct measurement of intracavitary dose profiles.  For example, during gynecological and prostate procedures, five dose points can be read directly from a computer, displaying the dose profile of the organ at risk in real-time.  This is then compared to the planned target dose, allowing for immediate assessments of post-implant base and apex dose, as well as the dose to the organs at risk (eg. urethra, rectum, or bladder).

Beam Quality Assurance

Two arrays crossing at the isocenter of a beam will provide quick 2D dose profiling with 10 simultaneous dose point readings for the X and Y axes.  Since arrays are isotropic, multiple beams at different gantry angles, as in IMRT, can be accurately and quickly checked.

For more information on the Linear 5ive MOSFET Array, please refer to the Product Datasheet. (PDF)

Three array types for all your applications:

  • TN-252LA5 for standard sensitivity (20~2000 cGy) applications (HDR Brachytherapy 192Ir, IMRT QA, etc.)
  • TN-502LA5 for high sensitivity (1~100 cGy) applications (LDR Brachytherapy, Diagnostic X-rays, etc.)
  • TN-1002LA5 for extremely high sensitivity (~1-20 cGy) applications (LDR Brachytherapy, Diagnostic X-rays, etc.)