Portable DosimeterPortable Dosimeter TN-RD-90

The Portable Dosimeter, model TN-RD-90, is an economical, compact, stand-alone system for radiation dose measurement.

Patient dosimetry measurements are available at the touch of a button and display on the integrated LCD, without the need for software or a computer.  Additionally, the rechargeable battery powered dosimeter allows easy transportation from room-to-room, or hospital-to-hospital.

The Portable Dosimeter supports up to two simultaneous dose points with any of the Best Medical Canada single MOSFETs on standard or high bias setting for optimal dose reproducibility.  An automatic mode is available to continuously sample dose data at a fixed time interval during a session.

After every measurement the dosimetry data is automatically stored to memory for later viewing and can be downloaded to a computer via a USB connection and the PortableDose Connect software.  A simple, menu driven interface allows customization of calibration factors, dose units and operational settings directly on the Portable Dosimeter.  To save you time, a library of default calibration factors is stored in the memory, but the user also has the choice of entering their customized calibration factors.

Radiotherapy clinics can utilize the Portable Dosimeter for patient dose QA, or to measure exposures to regions-at-risk.  In diagnostic radiology, the system is ideal for residual exposure dose measurements, and protocol evaluation.

For one-to-two dose points, the Portable dosimeter is a fast, simple solution for patient dosimetry that can be used for a wide range of applications in radiotherapy and radiology.


  • Stand-alone reader with LCD
  • Portable and compact
  • Quick set-up time
  • Simple menu operation
  • Supports two MOSFET dosimeters
  • Supports all single Best Medical Canada MOSFETs
  • Optional data export via USB and PortableDose Connect software
  • Calibration factor library
  • Long rechargeable battery life
  • Manual measurement mode, or Automatic Sequential mode
  • No software or computer necessary

Radiotherapy Applications

  • In vivo dose - photon or electron
  • Skin entrance and exit dose (TBI)
  • Dmax dose measurements
  • IMRT and Tomotherapy
  • Brachytherapy

Radiology Applications

  • Pediatric CT dose
  • Fluoroscopy dose

Click here to view the Portable Dosimetry Datasheet (PDF)